MarTech Advisor | How Customer Support Can Adapt to Keep Up with Customer Expectation

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In the new book Human + Machine, Accenture technology leaders Paul Daugherty and Jim Wilson posit that the businesses that harness AI are those that will flourish in the years to come – transforming everyday customer service in the process.

These changes can already be seen at companies like Dutch airline KLM. Using AI to suggest responses to customer questions, KLM was able to double the number of text-based customer inquiries it handles each week while increasing the number of agents by only 6%. By letting AI handle simple questions, the human agents were able to create more time for specialized, revenue-driving tasks like helping customers book flights.

Beyond chatbots, automation is also aiding support teammates by analyzing big data sets to determine what help docs to write next or which messages to send to new customers. ProsperWorks, a CRM that sees deepening personal relationships as one of its core values, is using the latter to proactively support its latest signups. To live up to its mission, the company takes a proactive approach to customer support. If we didn’t use automation, we would have to manually set up each account and create a unique plan – automation allows us to scale,” says Justin Oberbauer, VP of Customer Success. This personal approach to customer support has also improved 30-60-90 day retention rates while increasing account net expansion, which benefits ProsperWorks bottom line.

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Source: MTA

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